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Tony & Kelly Groves

"We would like to extend a Thank You to Jared; the way he captured the moments of our big day will always be remembered with his amazing photographs. We love showing them off to people and all our friends and families, who then love to show them to others. I even had a friend show them to another family that had a recent wedding because she thought they were so gorgeous! We will always have these photos for the rest of our lives and we are so glad that everything was caught on camera!Jared was so personable and friendly! When he came in to the salon where I was getting my hair done, I was so nervous however he was able to help me calm my nerves by taking lot of pictures and being a constant presence! By the time of the big day, I was so used to the camera being there that I was willing to do anything for the shot. We also received a lot of comments from the bridal party that it was the most fun they had while taking pictures. Instead of doing just boring wedding poses, instead we were jumping in the air and climbing on things!"

Parents of Emma Joy Groll

Emma Joy Groll was born on July 1st 2008 she was such a perfect little baby 6 lbs 3 oz 21 inches long. I was so happy to finally have a brunette baby! Her and i stayed up late watching tv that night at the hospital. We bonded that night! Not knowing what the next day would bring. The doctor came in the next morning around 11 am. Checking her like they normally do. I remember looking at the doctors face she kept putting her stethoscope up to Emma's chest. She took her out of the room just to take a look at her further..she said I think it should only take a few minutes..2 hours later the news came. The cardiologist from the pediatric department came in..I remember her look..I will never forget her face. I was so confused that next 20 minutes her explaining that my daughter had Hypo-plastic Left Syndrome. She was born without the left ventricle of her heart.(Emma was actually born with a small not developed left ventricle)The three options they gave us were:1- Take her home to pass away 2- A heart transplant... but they cant guarantee that she would get a heart in time. Or her body might reject it and she will die.3- Have 3 open heart surgeries in a matter of 2-3 years We sat there in disbelief! What my baby might die. At that point all i wanted to do was do everything in my power to save my baby. As the doctor was talking to us they rushed emma up to the PICU of the hospital to hook her up to medication to help keep a ductus open for blood flow in her body. If it wasn't for that ductus that stayed open longer then what it usually does she would have gone into cardiac arrest. But thank the Lord hers stayed open!! They flew her by jet an hour later to Children's Hospital of Milwaukee.We did not go home for almost 4 months! On July 10th 2008 Emma joy had her first open heart surgery called the Norwood surgery. That was a long recovery. Then on September 29th 2008 Emma had to have an early 2nd surgery do to her heart starting to give was time for the Glenn open heart surgery. We finally were able to come home on October 12th 2008. It was a long haul especially being away from our other 2 little girls for so long. We have been home since. A couple nights hospital stay since but other wise Emma is doing great. She is growing like any other child.What may the outcome of her life persist of. It is a question for everyone. We really don't know. The oldest person living with HLHS is only 23 years of age. They say Emma will probably need a heart transplant at some point. But HLHS babies living is a brand new thing. Her next surgery we are guessing will probably be spring of 2011. Then after that close a hole in her heart later on. But we are trusting our God that He will keep her healthy and live a long life with her family and friends.Emma doesn't go anywhere because of her heart condition. We can't take the chance of getting her sick. So for Jared coming into our home and helping us take Emma joys first pictures EVER! Was not only a blessing but such a great gift. I was so unbelievably overwhelmed with joy when he showed me her pictures! I never thought anyone could capture the love that is in those eyes of hers that I see every day. The fight for life that she has. Jared is an amazing photographer and now we would like to call friend. We for sure won't e using anyone else. Thank you Jared! You have done something for us that we won't ever forget. God Bless!! HeartHugs!

Kourtney Feldhausen & Family

"Working with Jared was an enjoyable experience. His expertise with location and setting matched our personalities and needs very well. He is very relaxed and his patience and positive style with our children was a good fit. We loved our photos and would highly recommend Jared for any occasion. What started as a simple birthday gift to our mom ended up being an experience we will always remember."

Kelsey & Andrew Gayhart

"We booked Jared to be our photographer for our wedding the first day we met him. The examples of his work displayed on his website were amazing and showed such emotion; we couldn’t wait to have pictures of our own like that. Jared was awesome to work with. He was very professional but also a lot of fun. Our wedding party loved how laid back he was. He had so many wonderful ideas but he also took any ideas that we had and tried to make them work as well. His vision is absolutely amazing. He took us to places we would never have thought to use as a backdrop and the pictures that resulted from it were incredible! We could not be happier with our choice to go with Jared on our wedding day. The moments he managed to capture will absolutely be our most prized possessions!"

Amanda & Matt Nogee

I met Jared a few years ago from a family wedding and have been a huge fan of his photography ever since. Each time I look at his work I am amazed at the new, creative, and artistic concepts he comes up with. His photography is actually a work of art in which you can get a "feeling" from every photo. Jared has a very relaxing and friendly demeanor about him, making you feel as if you and your fiancée/husband are the only couple who matter. My husband and I have always been camera shy but the way he moves around you when he is working makes you feel comfortable, within moments you'll forget he's even there. The wedding packages are affordable and Jared always goes above and beyond your expectations. For example, my husband and I did things very quick. We got engaged in August when he found out he was being deployed to Afghanistan, did engagement pictures with Jared shortly after (which was a surprise from my husband and Jared kept the secret!) and eloped at the court house 10/4/10. I had asked Jared approximately 3 DAYS before we got married if he could be there, and of course he was the first one to arrive and the last one to leave. He captured every moment. My husband and I plan on having a Ring Ceremony in Italy spring of 2012. Jared will be along to capture the moments, the love, and the scenery. We’re bringing him because we trust his talent and experience with destination weddings. Your own camera will never capture the feeling of a place and emotion of a couple, as he does.

Becki & Andy Teff

Jared is an absolutely amazing photographer and person!! From the first time we sat down with him to the actual wedding day he was awesome! He treated our wedding like it was the only thing that mattered on that day! My family is HUGE into photography and they were quite impressed with Jared's final work!! Jared took the time to even sit down and show my (Becki's) dad some of the shots on the big day before he left for the night, which my dad couldn't stop commenting on how genuine and talented Jared was. We have had so many great comments on our photos we are having a really hard time picking which ones to put up in our house :) He actually made himself feel like one of the group, which made everyone feel so comfortable. We wouldn't have had any other wedding photographer if I had to do it all over again :) Jared will definitely be doing photos for Andy and I throughout our lives!! Thank you SO much Jared!!

Vianni & Jesse Borre

We couldn't have asked for a better photographer. At a time where my wedding coordinator did not follow through with her duties - Jared stepped in and helped us out as wedding coordinator-extraordinaire. Couldn't quite believe it! Went way above and beyond. Thank you for coming to Puerto Rico and capturing our special day!